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Start your day right with one page every day. Each sheet in this planner pad is focused on making your day productive and motivating.

Each page has 14 sections:

FILL IN DATE - Un-dated so it doesn't matter when you start, what's important is you started
GRATITUDE - Start your day on a positive note by counting your blessings. The more grateful you are, the more amazing things will come towards your day!

DAILY QUOTES AND MOTIVATIONAL PHRASES - Ignite change within yourself. Paste some motivational quotes that will keep your whole day inspired.

APPOINTMENT PLANNER - break down your daily schedules by the seconds minute or by the hour. We leave the timings column blank so you can set your timetable at your own pace.

EVENT REMINDER - Make every day a memorable day. Make time for those who matter to you.
TOP PRIORITIES - Focus on what is the most important task of the day. Remember: If you get your highest priority things done first thing in the morning, you’ve already won the day, no matter what comes later.

IMPORTANT CALLS / EMAILS - Receiving a lot of calls or emails a day could be stressful that's why it's important that you prioritize the most important calls and emails so you can manage your time effectively.

MEAL PLANNER - Health is wealth so plan your meals ahead of time.

EXERCISE REMINDER - Keep track of your exercise minutes and achieve your fitness goals.
WATER INTAKE - Make sure you are drinking enough water.

MOOD MONITOR - There are good and bad days. It would be nice to keep track of it so you know how to handle the situation next time.

I GOT THIS DONE - Additional space to write on your to-do list or you can use it to write on everything you have accomplished/ completed for the day

INSPIRING THOUGHTS - A section for some journaling especially if you want it short and sweet.

BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TODAY- You started your day with some gratitude so you seal your day with the same feeling of gratitude too. The more feelings of gratitude, the more you are grateful, and the more things to be grateful for will be attracted to you.

Each Pad
> Comes in a colorful designs
> Size : 8.5 x 11 inches
> Contains 40 tear-off sheets
> Firm chipboard backing
> All products created and made with love in California, USA


$18.00 Regular Price
$12.60Sale Price
  • -Items are dispatched within 1-3 days upon purchase


    -Packages usually arrive within 3 to 5  business days but in some certain seasons could arrive within 6 TO 10 working days.


    -Shipping within the US through USPS with tracking number.



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